Our Story

Who we are:

Almost two decades after opening our first establishment in Downtown Nashua, New Hampshire, Michael Timothy’s Dining Group continues to grow — alongside our farm-to-table bistro MT’s Local, Surf Restaurant (serving up some serious seafood and sushi too!), and our historically placed steakhouse, Buckley’s Great Steaks — we welcome the newest member to our family: Buckley’s Bakery & Café.

Our location at 436 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, New Hampshire has historically been a market storefront since the early 1800s. Our main objective is to preserve this livelihood and go back to the basics as a traditional, full spectrum bakery and local marketplace for our community.

We were recently featured on New Hampshire Homes!

What we do:

Buckley’s Bakery & Café is built upon tradition:
We do things the way they began.
Homemade. Handmade. Each Day.

Our team of experienced bakers and pastry chefs are here each morning bright and early with the ovens pre-heating and pins ready to roll. We guarantee that everything in our cases is made here in house, fresh that day. Our ingredients are of top quality and seasonally sourced. All our retail items are handmade artisan goods and sourced locally.

Yes we know, this might not be easiest way to go about things… and we are perfectly okay with that! We do things the way they began because we do things the way we believe they should be done.

… and why we do it:

Our philosophy is that nothing brings people together like good food. We want to provide our community with a warm and welcoming casual environment to become a new part of your daily routine.

Grab-and-go or sit and relax. From your morning coffee to the bread at the dinner table— we’re here to fit all your kneads.

How we became:

The idea for Buckley’s Bakery & Café has been a growing concept for Michael Buckley for quite some time now. From day one in each restaurant, a baker and pastry chef was always a full-time member of the team, allowing for fresh baked breads and unique specialty desserts to always be a consistent part of menus. This effort certainly did not go unnoticed by those dining with us!

Recipes and techniques were constantly being documented and shared from chef to chef, restaurant to restaurant. Then we thought: wouldn’t it be great to bring these individuals under one roof?

Building an environment where these creative minds can work side-by-side, experimenting, fine tuning specialties, and learning directly from one another became a goal for the future of Michael Timothy’s Dining Group. When the space neighboring Buckley’s Great Steaks in Merrimack became available, it only seemed the perfect opportunity to make this concept a reality.

We now have a hand selected staff that work together each day refining and developing innovative twists on traditional favorites and providing you with only the best selection of fresh baked goods, each and every day.